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  1. Hi!

    Are there any public available APIs related to offered subjects/themes (security, transportation, ..)? Without that I don’t know what kind of application could be useful for people living in Seoul. Thanks in advance!


  2. Hello

    1. What is the mininum number of team members?
    2. Can I create an actual simple but useful product instead of for example an app or high tech device or service?
    3. Where to find a detailed information on last day presentations logistics like do the teams present on stage their product if so how many minutes is the presentation? if teams are presenting their products at the booths how to obtain a booth and is there allowance for design the booth?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your message.
      The minimum number of team is 3 people
      Since it is a hackathon, your goal is making a prototype of your idea related product. not a sample.
      Participants didn’t make presentation last year. instead they made and built their prototype of idea.
      You can see the pictures at https://goo.gl/CKuh3P

      Best regards,

    1. Thank you for contact us.
      This team didn’t apply for Hack@Seoul.

      Unfortunately we officially closed the application already.
      Please wait for Hack@Seoul#3

      Best regards,

  3. Can i go just to observe? I am very intrigued but have no idea what to expect. I think if I watch the first time it will get me more involved the next.

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